Liquid Gold

Liquid Gold cleaners and deodorizers are designed to keep your toilet fresh and extend its service life.

Product #DescriptionOzL/ml/gm
DEFL5006BLiquid Gold Deodorizer16.7 oz494 ml
DEFL10006BLiquid Gold Deodorizer33.26 oz984 ml
DEFL2006EFSLiquid Gold Deodorizer67.63 oz2 L
DEFP5006BLiquid Gold Crystals16 oz500 gm
DEFS440BLiquid Gold Quick Packs15 oz425 gm
DEFC10006BLiquid Gold Bowl Cleaner33.8 oz1 L
DEFT6BToilet Paper 2-Pack (1000 sheets/roll)

Use with our full line of Visa and Passport Portable Toilets

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